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Hi, Lucia here.

This is finally happening. I am so excited to launch this blog and share my food adventures and photography, along with meeting people with positive thinking and lifestyle.

First, who am I?

Whenever I introduce myself and say “my name is Lucia Chauvet”, I can see a mix of confusion and surprise on people’s face and I never understood why. One day, one of my very close Spanish friends explained to me, “When I first met you, I was confused. Your first name is Spanish, your last name is French but you look Asian, so… where are you from?” Okay, let me help you out here, I was born and raised in France, so I am French (Bingo!). I have family from Cambodia and Japan, but I don’t speak Spanish, unfortunately (I’ll learn!).

I studied International Business in France (American Business School), Japan (Temple University) and the US (Yale University), worked at the OECD and recently graduated with my master’s in International Public Policy at UCL in the UK.

Why this blog?

It all started on Instagram and I think it could be time to bring this to the next level. I want to share places I enjoyed going in more detail, hoping you will like them too. And all of this through pictures, because we talk pictures here, don’t we?

Although I am French, I am writing this blog fully in English because I would like to create a multicultural environment and want this to be useful to expatriates, exchange students, tourists and people who love exploring.

What impact do I want to make?

I don’t want this blog to be just any other food blog— I want to give back to society. I want to share, from time to time, knowledge I have drawn from books I have read, movies I have seen, conferences I have attended, people I have met and from… food I have eaten! Let’s find out!

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