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Brunch in Berlin

Brunch in Berlin

Two years ago, I took part in an eye-opening geopolitical program that greatly guided and influenced my career choices and studies. Coming from a business background, I only had to talk on behalf of companies, but never on behalf of countries. During this program, I shared the French perspectives regarding issues that happened after the Second World War and this opportunity motivated me to not only work at the OECD, but also pursue my current masters in International Public Policy at UCL.

I have also met geniune people and made long lasting friendships — we’ll get to that brunch soon! As we had a lot to prepare for the next program, we decided to have an alumni meeting and that’s why Berlin!


So, that brunch in Berlin

We decided to end our first trip of the year with a nice brunch in Berlin! Considering how difficult it was to find a place for the eight of us, Schwarzes Cafe is a fantastic place for large groups. Their brunch is amazing too and it’s open 24 hours!


Schwarzes Cafe

Kantstraße 148,
10623 Berlin,

Open 24/7


Brunch in Berlin Lucia Talks Pictures


Written by Lucia Chauvet

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