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Vietnamese Food Cravings Satisfied

Vietnamese Food Cravings Satisfied

Me: What do you like eating?
My Neighbor: People.
Me: ??
My Neighbor: what I eat doesn’t matter, only the people with whom I eat matter.

Aw, what a heart-warming answer… I have a lot to learn from her. But again, dear neighbor, it doesn’t help me to choose a place to eat! So we were wandering around and found a street full of Vietnamese restaurants. Paradise. Exactly what I have been craving for. The place that we picked was packed, but we got seated right away since there was just two of us. It was my first time having my Bun on a separate plate and dipping into the sauce (bowl) as I eat, a little bit like, referencing to Japanese food, having Zaru Soba or Udon, or even Tsukemen. Along with the food, it was a unique and thrilling experience.



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Written by Lucia Chauvet


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