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Let’s set… The Beans on Fire!

Let’s set… The Beans on Fire!

One of my favorite baristas is now working at The Beans on Fire, and that’s how I got to discover their delicious coffee! This place, located besides the Square Maurice Gardette, is much more than just a coffeeshop. It is a collaborative roaster.

As I have a strong interest in social enterprises, The Beans on Fire obviously caught my attention. Their aim is to rent out space and equipment to aspiring roasters and even give them lesson on how to roast. Of course, this place is not only restricted to coffee professionals, they also organize cupping sessions, which are open to the public and greatly recommend if you’d like to learn more about coffee.


They have their huge coffee roaster in the middle of the shop… so coffee lovers and curious people, go have a look!

They also serve oat milk and occasionally HOME-MADE almond milk! So I tried their almond flat white, it was aromatic and very tasty. It definitely makes you travel!


Speaking about traveling…

I met Felicia through a friend about two years ago and we finally found the chance to meet again in Paris! She told me she volunteered in Bhutan for 6 months before coming to France and she would love to go back for work. Although I found her experience amazing, I could roughly locate Bhutan on the map and I didn’t even know the capital. Shame on me… I looked it up: it’s Thimphu!

So what about Bhutan? She said that it had one of the smallest economies in the world. Despite the fact that there was very little wi-fi connection and not many electronic devises available, people were living happily. They grow their own organic food and eat clean. She liked their simplicity, their stress-free way of life and the pure environment that surrounded them.

This shows how important traveling is! We are not only exploring places, but also exploring ourselves. We learn about our limits, from what we can’t stand to what we love, which teach us how to appreciate things we like even more. I think it gives us some valuable ‘me-time’, a conversation with ourselves that says a lot about our priorities and values.

Many people I have talked to shared with me that they could see how much they have grown after traveling. So, where is your next trip to?



The Beans on Fire

7 Rue du Général Blaise
75011 Paris

Mon – Thurs: 8.00am – 5.00pm
Fri – Sun: 9.00am – 6.00pm



Written by Lucia Chauvet

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