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Franze and Evans, the coffee/cake and work deal

Franze and Evans, the coffee/cake and work deal

Right at the exit 4 of Old street, Franze & Evans is located in the Bower, a cluster of restaurants and offices in the heart of the City.

The coffeeshop is inside the Warehouse, which is an office space. They serve healthy breakfast, delicious lunch and have an amazing coffee and cake for £4 deal from 2pm to 4pm on weekday. Isn’t it amazing?

They have long tables, counter tables and a bright lounge space, with comfortable couches and chairs, which make the environment very cosy. Many people sit, chill and do work in the Hub area. So I decided to do the same, I took out my laptop and started working.


Since they have numerous plugs conveniently placed and large windows, it is a cool place to be when you want to get work done. At first, I had some trouble connecting to the wifi, but it got rapidly fixed.

My friend joined me later and we got their blueberry courgette and chocolate cakes along with a macchiato and a hot chocolate. I was actually reluctant to try the one with courgette because I couldn’t imagine its taste. It was the same feeling, as with the carrot cake. Since we do not have such cakes in France, I am not used to sweets made from vegetables. However, it looked so good, especially with the cream cheese frosting and blueberries on top that I couldn’t resist and ordered a slice.


As it said “courgette”, I was literally expecting some sort of (weird?) veggie flavor. However, it was not the case and I was greatly surprised as it reminded me of a French yogurt cake, but with some tiny bits of courgette in it. Besides this, I loved the smooth texture of its frosting. Paired with the courgette cake, which was soft and tasty, it was a great discovery.

Now let’s talk about the chocolate cake, which is most of the time a nice safety choice. I enjoyed its sponginess, which made it light and pleasant. Together with its chocolate ganache and caramel touch, the cake had a perfect balance of textures and flavors.

Along with our succulent hot drinks, we spent a delightful day – eating, drinking and working at Franze & Evans!


French yogurt cake

It is probably one of the easiest cake recipes, as I remember “baking” it in primary school. The recipe is very simple, since it relies on one pot of yogurt. Indeed, we put the yogurt into the recipe and we keep the pot to measure everything else. I found this quite fascinating (when I was 10).

In France, some children have school on Saturday. It was my favorite day of the week because we usually did some creative and entertaining activities. In my school, our class was divided into three small groups of 10 kids and each group rotated between cooking classes, DIY and rollerblading.

My favorite was (obviously) cooking classes, not only because there was food but also because I was learning something practical!


Franze and Evans – The Bower Old Street

London EC1

Written by Lucia Chauvet

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