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Coffee rocks at Ob-La-Di

Coffee rocks at Ob-La-Di

Found a trendy place to hang out between shopping breaks, Ob-La-Di! Located at the station Filles du Calvaire, this place serves fabulous coffee and cakes. It’s not listed on their menu, but oat milk is also available.

Their industrial decoration and blue floor pattern make this place very unique and harmonious. Besides this, their rock music adds a lively atmosphere to it. I loved their Nirvana playlist, by the way!

Its quaintness definitely got me, thus I cannot wait to go back and try their breakfast next time.


Are you a dream chaser?

I went to there with my friend Yasmine and here is a story that I absolutely wanted to share with you here. We all have a friend or know someone who has dropped everything to chase after their dreams.

Well, Yasmine is that friend. She used to be a social worker in Hong Kong. Two years ago, she quit her job and moved to Paris to study French pastry at the famous culinary arts school Le Cordon Bleu. After graduation, she worked for top pastry shops such as Pierre Hermé, Un Dimanche à Paris, Dalloyaud, Acide and most recently the Restaurant Cristal Room in the Baccarat Museum. She is the pure illustration of someone who found her passion and excels at it.

These days, while writing Christmas cards, I reflected on this year 2016 and realized that many of my friends have quit their job or left everything they had to pursue their craziest aspirations. I am so proud of them, that was really inspiring!


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Things that are meant to happen will happen.

I am not saying we should sit down and wait, but everything happens for a reason, and for a good reason! Let’s be patient, wait for the right timing, trust our struggles and everything will be fine. Good things take time…



54 rue Saintonge
75003 Paris

Mon – Fri: 8.00am – 5.00pm
Sat – Sun: 9.00am – 6.00pm



Written by Lucia Chauvet

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