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Special Lattes at Aida Shoreditch, anyone?

Special Lattes at Aida Shoreditch, anyone?

AIDA Shoreditch is a comfortable place, where I wrote a big chunk of my master’s dissertation. I really enjoyed the fact that it closes at 7pm from Monday to Saturday. In London coffeeshops usually close early, so having that extra hour was crucial.


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In a Rose Latte Mood

I recently went back and they added some special lattes to their menu! They now have matcha lattes, rose lattes, chai lattes and, an interesting one, sunshine lattes!  The later is a 100% organic turmeric latte, which includes turmeric, cinnamon ceylon, cocoa, ginger, vanilla, black pepper mixed powder with honey and soya milk.  Although this sounded super healthy, I decided to try rose latte for the first time! I am usually not into flowers, but that was great! It’s sweet and has a light rose flavor. As for my friend, she got a nice matcha latte with a perfect latte art!

They also serve amazing coffee, but let’s not forget that AIDA is a clothing store after all, which gives a lively atmosphere to it. I haven’t been back as often as before (since I am done with my dissertation) but it’s a place that reminds me great memories!



Aida Shoreditch

133 Shoreditch High St,
London E1 6JE,

Mon – Sat: 10.00am – 7.00pm
Sun: 12.00pm – 6.00pm


Written  by Lucia Chauvet

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