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La Chocolaterie, the chocolate lovers’ headquarter

La Chocolaterie, the chocolate lovers’ headquarter

Chocolaterie Lucia talks picturesIn spring 2016, the top Chef Cyril Lignac opened another shop in Paris, and this time  entirely dedicated to chocolate. He got the idea when he visited New York. There he noticed that many bakeries offered a chill place to eat-in, thus he decided to create a similar place in Paris. A laptop-friendly place in a typical French brasserie interior, offering the finest hot chocolate in Paris, there you go… La Chocolaterie.


My friend Miyo and I got two of their most popular treats and, of course, their hot chocolate. The “tigré” was a delightful chocolate cake filled with gummy milk chocolate and small chocolate balls and the “4 heures”, a simple yet delicious chocolate sandwich. The hot chocolate was, as expected, the best in town!

In addition to this, the shop sells a large variety of chocolate bars, pastries and some chocolaty desserts. You are also more than welcome to buy some of Cyril Lignac’s amazing cakes and eat them at the Chocolaterie. His pastry shop is literally across the street!


Food photography

Miyo and I met through instagram. She moved to France from Japan a few years ago and maintains a blog (in Japanese). We quickly got along with each other and shared challenges we faced, such as taking food pictures.

Although my pictures are far from being amazing, I believe that the secret behind photography (or anything else) is determination, grit, perceverance… yes again, nothing new.

I remember being shy about standing up in the middle of a coffeeshop to take ‘over head table’ shots. Having several pairs of eyes looking at you all of a sudden, wondering what you were doing and sometimes even making fun of you (out loud) can be… indeed, embarrassing. However, after a few try, the satisfaction I received from my pictures has quickly overcome my discomfort. Comparable to many things in life, this situation reminds me of a quote from Jack Canfield — ‘Everything you want is on the other side of fear.’  And this is so true!



La Chocolaterie – Cyril Lignac

25 Rue Chanzy,
75011 Paris

Mon – Sun: 8.00am – 8.00pm


Chocolaterie Lucia talks pictures


Written by Lucia Chauvet

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