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Meet the Chef of Draw Me a Pastry!

Meet the Chef of Draw Me a Pastry!

My friend Yung, from Hong Kong, recently and (finally) launched her activity as a freelance pastry chef in Paris. She built her own brand, Draw Me a Pastry. This is such an exciting moment, as she has been talking about making the jump since the day I met her.


You might be wondering why ‘Draw Me a Pastry’?

The name was inspired by the famous scene “draw me a sheep” from Saint-Exupéry’s “The Little Prince”. I remember being assigned to read that book when I was in primary school, but since then I haven’t picked it up again. Therefore, I was surprised to hear that the book was also popular among foreigners. My friend told me they used it to study French, which fully explains her enthusiasm around it!

Besides this, Yung sees pastry as an art. She loves designing, experiencing, and sharing her latest creations with pastry lovers.


Tasting Events

As many top chefs do, she holds tasting events from time to time as well.

I am thankful to take part in this adventure with her because those events are constructive not only for her, as she gets feedback on her work and exchanges  directly with her tasters; but also for me, as I also learn a lot, (eat a lot) and get to practice my photography skills!


On that day, she prepared for us a beautiful apple rose tart, some delicious passion fruit and strawberry tarts, and a fabulous milk tea tart. Yes, Happy Tart Day everyone!

There will be another tasting event this coming Saturday afternoon (March 25th, 2017), follow her Instagram account  to stay tuned!



Written by Lucia Chauvet


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