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SAaM, Korean style Chinese Bao buns

SAaM, Korean style Chinese Bao buns

Finally, I got to taste SAaM’s famous bao buns! First, what are bao buns? They are steamed bread rolls, originally from China, that you fill in with meat, fish or veggies.

Surrounded with floral wallpapers and school tables, SAaM does bao buns with Korean style of fillings and sauces!

Their lunch set comes with 2 bao buns served with, either a salad or sweet potatoes fries. I got their veggie and pork belly bao buns along with a salad and my friend got one chicken and one fish with sweet potatoes fries.

Although we were full, we couldn’t help ordering something sweet. So we had a slice of yuzu cake with salted caramel and a slice of banana cake with English custard. I loved the softness of their cakes, plus paired with toppings, yum!



I met my friend Janice through a co-working event, which aim was to enable freelancers to meet and exchange skills. She is a successful entrepreneur and has built her own cosmetic brand. She has started reading self-help books and using them as guidance since 2012, when she decided to focus on her new and exciting entrepreneurial journey.

I was aware that self-development was a very Anglo-Saxon concept and that it was not a popular topic in France, which is almost taboo. However, I was really surprised to learn that there was actually a preface in the French version of self-help books in order to inform people on the “approach” to take.

As I studied and lived abroad, I have neither read books in French nor written in French since my French baccalaureate, which is almost a decade ago (not proud of it…). Thus, I didn’t know that there was such instruction page. I am curious to see what is written there, that must be a very interesting cultural experience.


“Year of yes”

Janice introduced me to a book called “Year of yes” from Shonda Rhimes, the famous television producer and screenwriter, who has kept us awake so many nights with her addictive shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Scandals and Private Practice.

The author shared her biggest fears, which held her back and made her reject challenging projects countless times. One day, someone pointed out to her that she always says ‘no’. This made her think, and after that, she decided to say yes to everything that was suggested to her. This is how we got Grey’s Anatomy and her other amazing shows.

Our talk was really inspiring. I am interested in reading the book because it is based on a personal experience, which makes learning much more practical. I’ll follow-up, stay tuned ~

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