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Say ‘Hi’ to Creativity

Say ‘Hi’ to Creativity
Hi all!

Apologies for being quiet recently. Some of you have been doing a great job at kindly (giving me a kick and) letting me know that I haven’t been posting as often as I used to.

Sometimes inspiration comes at weird and “inconvenient” moments. You get inspired when you are in the street, when you look up at the sky, when you walk to work, when you hear a stranger talking and… and you feel frustrated because you have nothing to keep track of your thoughts. So you tell yourself “I am going to write things down as soon as I get home” and once you get home, all inspirations have faded away. What was I thinking earlier? What was I thinking so passionately again? All gone. Creativity doesn’t wait. Creativity is capricious, and yet so precious.

These days, I have set rules to myself to always, or at least try to, let my “artistic-self” express itself whenever it needs to. Whatever works, taking notes on my phone, writing things down on a small piece of paper or making audio recordings. I no longer want to suppress and postpone creativity. Creativity is like a child. It needs you to set it free, let it be who it wants to be, nurture it, raise it and cherish it. 

With this mindset, I look forward to developing another aspect of my blog. I will keep on sharing about food, but I also want to show another deeper side of me. Hopefully, this would enable me to post more regularly and share more with you. 


Written by Lucia Chauvet

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