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Umami Matcha O’clock

Umami Matcha O’clock

For those familiar with matcha places in London, this is the equivalent of Paris’ Tombo Café! My friend and I got a piece of marbled cake, which looked so good at the counter, a matcha piccolo and a black umami. The latter is made of matcha latte with dark chocolate, which sounds funny but both flavors do go well together. Next time, I’d be curious to try their white umami, a matcha latte with white chocolate!

What I like the most being back home is catching up with friends I haven’t seen for months, not only because we have missed each other’s face (that’s so cheesy, I know) but also we have all experienced new things and learned life lessons that we could share with each other. And that’s so valuable.


Another great talk

My friend introduced me to a recent TED Talk that she watched, called “Trust your struggles” by Zain Asher. Only listening to her telling me its content made me feel empowered, so you can imagine how impatient I was to watch it. I did so the next day and indeed, It was such an inspiring talk that I believe everyone could relate to and get something positive out of it. If you have watched it, or have seen other videos with the same vibes, please share below!

Those who know me know that I am a TEDx freak. I have attended five TED talks in total: two at the OECD, one at UCL, one at Oxford and one at Temple University Japan Campus. Can’t wait for more to come!


Umami Matcha Café

22 Rue Béranger,
75003 Paris

Tues – Fri: 9.00am – 7.00pm
Sat – Sun: 10.00am – 7.00pm



Written by Lucia Chauvet

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