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Pastry Adventure at the Ritz Hotel

Pastry Adventure at the Ritz Hotel

Since my pastry friend and I were eager to try the Chef François Perret’s creations, we decided to go to the Ritz Hotel’s Bar Vendôme for tea. We already knew what to expect and what to order as we carefully studied the menu before going. The gigantic Madeleine dessert was actually the main reason of our coming. We not only saw it on social media but also many pastry chefs highly recommended it, thus it’s a must-try! Then, I personally chose the Barquette Noisette because it reminded me of snacks I ate in my childhood, called “Barquette de Lu”.

This time, our pastry choices didn’t look particularly fancy, and I liked that. I liked the fact that our teatime ‘looked’ very plain and uninteresting, but actually, they were made of a highly rich combination of textures and flavors.


Learning from the pastry expert

It was enriching to see how a graduate from the famous French culinary school Le Cordon Bleu selected pastries. Normally people would go their favorite ones, right? However, my friend always makes her choices based on learning purposes. Firstly, she would have a look at the display window; secondly, ask for a detailed list of ingredients of each cake; and pick the one that she couldn’t guess the taste or couldn’t clearly see the different layers inside. And then, she would take pictures of the inside after cutting the pastry in half for her own record (e.g. the picture above).

It’s always a pleasure to hang out with people who are experts in a particular field, there is so much fascinating knowledge to share!


Ritz Hotel – Le Bar Vendôme

15 Place Vendôme
75001 Paris

Mon – Sun: 8.00am – 2.00am



Written by Lucia Chauvet

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