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Christmas Tea Season at Le Baudelaire

Christmas Tea Season at Le Baudelaire
Le Baudelaire’s invitation to escape

After living abroad and trying different teatime sets, we still prefer the ones in France. Therefore, we decided to have our yearly Christmas Afternoon Tea at Le Burgundy Hotel’s Le Baudelaire.


Located between Madeleine station and Place Vendôme, the hotel is in the center of the luxury district. The soft colors of yellow and grey made the atmosphere very comfortable. Yellow enlightens the room and grey brings a sophisticated feel to it. This made me feel surrounded by nature, which probably explains the tree shape of their tea time set!

The later came with 9 delicious pastries and finger sandwiches along with a drink. We followed the staff’s suggestion and went for the lynchee with rose and almond tea, which ended up being a great choice. Usually we have a hard time finishing our afternoon tea set but this one had the perfect amount of food. My favorite among all of them was the three-bite bûche de Noël! It was “chocolately” divine and speaking about small bites…


The Three-bite Rule

My friend Alix recently moved to New York but is currently back in Paris to visit her family over Christmas. She works for a broadcasting company and shared that they recently released an episode where a celebrity dietitian gave some weight lost tips.

Research demonstrated that regardless of the amount of bites we have, the first and the last bite were the most enjoyable; whether we had 5 bites or 40 bites, we still enjoy food on our first and last bites. Therefore, three bites are enough: the first one to discover, the second to appreciate and the third to end. After all we do not need much to satisfy ourselves, do we?


Le Baudelaire Lucia Talks PicturesLe Baudelaire Lucia Talks Pictures

This tea time was ideal as all its food could be fully treasured in three bites! Additionally, the service was lovely and very professional, it was a delightful experience.


Hotel Le Burgundy Paris – Le Baudelaire

6-8 Rue Duphot
75001 Paris

Tea time
Mon – Sun: 3.00pm – 6.00pm



Written by Lucia Chauvet


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