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Tofuya, a healthy Japanese concept store in Paris

Tofuya, a healthy Japanese concept store in Paris
Tofuya, finally!

There was a new Japanese concept store that just opened last year and I have been dying to go!

Tofuya is the first tofu concept store in Paris. All their food are made from/or contain tofu or soya milk and their bento boxes looked amazingly fresh and healthy! They have vegetarian, chicken and beef lunch sets, all accompanied with tofu.


I ordered sukiyaki, which is a kind of Japanese hot pot, served with tender beef, a tasty poached egg and grilled tofu; and my friend Fah had fried chicken with salad. Along with these, the lunch set also comes with miso soup, two yummy onigiri (rice balls), steamed beans, fried eggplants and cold tofu. It does not look like a lot of food, but it was in fact very consistent! We were very eager to try their desserts, but we had to keep them for next time.

The place is very bright and welcoming. Unfortunately, it does not have many seats, so I would recommend either going early or taking away. Their bento boxes, as well as their drinks, are definitely worth trying. We tasted their matcha flavored and caramel flavored soya drinks and we loved them. They were very soft and nicely blended.This cafe raised my interest for tofu and soya milk, and I think I’ll have them more often from now on.


Instagrammer friends

I have been using Instagram since 2012 and have met wonderful people along the years through this platform. We connected easily, as we shared similar interests, such as “I am not putting the phone down until I get a satisfactory shot”. Yes to persistency, these are my Instagrammer friends! Wohoo *high 5*

And Fah (@fah_saii) is one of them. We have been following each other’s account and liking each other’s pictures for a little while, and from time to time I was wondering who she was. Therefore, to fulfill my curiosity, I asked her out for coffee and since then we became friends.

As she understands what I am doing, I love blogging with her and thus can focus on delivering decent pictures for you guys. I’ll share more about this picture-taking experience in the near future, stay tuned!




59 Rue de Richelieu,
75002 Paris

Mon – Sat: 11.00am – 7.30pm



Written by Lucia Chauvet

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